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Rear Parking Sensors Installed (4 Sensors)

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Rear Parking Sensors Installed (4 Sensors)
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Parking sensors are an affordable and effective way to improve safety around your vehicle. Whether you are going backwards or forwards there are many hazards which can cause damage to either your car or someone else’s property. And most importantly parking sensors can help detect a person or animal around the vehicle that you may not have seen.

Four sensors are included for the rear bumper adjustable buzzer audio warning that escalates the closer the car gets to the object. The sensors automatically come on when the vehicle is put in reverse. Not only do they assist with the blindspot behind the vehicle they help make parking a breeze!

The parking sensors set includes:

4  ultrasonic sensors for the rear bumper which come on automatically when the vehicle is put in reverse
22mm mounting hole with waterproof plug for easy installation
Removable sensors to allow for servicing or vehicle repair
Buzzer audio warning with adjustable volume
Suitable for 12 volt vehicles
Your installer can arrange for the sensors to be colour matched to your car for a factory finish
One year warranty when professionally installed

Note: parking sensors are an aid only and may not detect all possible objects. The warning distance varies
depending on the vehicle and type of object. Normal driving precautions should always be used even with parking sensors fitted.


Colour Matching

Colour match the plastic sensor heads to your vehicle's factory colour code so they perfectly blend in to look part of the vehicle - not just added on.

Other manufacturers of parking sensors just have a selection of pre-coloured sensors so all you get is a colour that is 'near enough' !

Just tell us the make, model, year of your vehicle together with the 'colour code' and name of your paint colour. Painting fees will apply.

* MRR rubber sensors are not recommended to be painted due to their flexible nature.

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